The High Trust Leader Program


Leadership Coaching Program

The High Trust Leader coaching program is ideal for experts who are who want to be more inclusive and influential leaders and managers within organisations.

This 5 month program is an individual program and so focuses on creating greater clarity, confidence and control in managing constant change. It provides support for leaders who are stepping into new roles, looking to manage change, returning to work, managing succession, developing their stakeholder engagement strategy, empowering their teams, building a personal brand, looking to be more inclusive as a leader and much more. 

Included in the program is:

  1. 2 x 60-90 minute individual coaching sessions per month - so a high level of personal attention.
  2. Personal coaching system.
  3. Personal psychometric report based on preferred communications style.
  4. Access to our digital learning library.
  5. A monthly client  networking lunch.
  6. Membership of our closed online group.
  7. Unlimited email and telephone support.

All programs are preceded by an initial complimentary session.


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