High Trust Advisor Coaching


The Business Development Program

This is a 5-month coaching program for experts to develop their business development or client advisory skills and develop the competencies and confidence to consistently win (and retain) new clients for their business.

This interactive 'rolling program' develops the skills to consistently win more clients and consists of both individual and group coaching sessions.

What You Become:

  • Able to quickly understand the needs of the prospect or client and able to create compelling sales messages. 
  • A confident and professional networker who gets meetings from very event you attend.
  • Able to build trust and influence with new contacts quickly every time.
  • Able to 'read' personalities quickly and tailor your communication for best results.
  • Able to use powerful language and questioning techniques that allow you to control every client meeting.
  • Able to create improved and impactful business presentations that capture and hold the attention of your audiences.

Applying Learning in Real Time

The High Trust Advisor program focuses participants on applying their learning in real time – using their new influencing skills to win new clients over the course of the program.

If you are an expert who is a manager or leader, a business owner, an entrepreneur, director, partner in accounting, financial services, technology, architecture, real estate, engineering consulting, quantity surveying, actuarial, pharmaceutical or legal - who is technically excellent at what you do - but may struggle when it comes to winning new clients OR delivering on your business development targets and would welcome some real-time support - then this program is for you.

The High Trust Advisor Coaching Program Provides:

  1. Monthly peer-to-peer networking breakfast 
  2. Monthly influencing skills workshops and education 
  3. Monthly professional coaching session
  4. Access to unique online digital audio and video resources and PDF workbooks.
  5. A personal copy of "The High Trust Advisor: How Experts and Professionals Win Clients."
  6. A detailed psychometric report on your preferred communication style.
  7. Membership of a closed online group to connect with other members.
  8. A professional review of your presentation decks to make them fit for purpose.
  9. Telephone and email support. 

As the program 'rolls over' from one month to the next you can join a program at any time provided there is a place in a group. 

*Coaching sessions are arranged on an individual basis where requested monthly.


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