The Influencer's Circle


The Influencer's Circle Membership

The Influencer's Circle is membership of a 5-month coaching program for expert leaders and managers, business owners and professionals to develop their leadership and/or client influencing skills, build a wider corporate brand and an influential industry or professional circle of influence.

This unique 5-month action-based rolling program helps expert managers and leaders, business owners and senior professionals develop the influencing skills to successfully lead businesses or teams and/or win more clients.

It does this through a combination of:

  • Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Referral Strategy Sessions
  • Influencing Skills Workshops
  • Psychometric Testing and
  • Personal Coaching

Applying Education in Real Time

The program focuses participants on applying their education in real time – using their new influencing skills with peers and key stakeholders or even winning new clients over the course of the program.

If you are an expert manager or leader, a business owner, an entrepreneur, director, partner or manager in accounting, financial services, technology, architecture, real estate, engineering consulting, quantity surveying, actuarial, pharmaceutical or legal - who is technically excellent at what you do - but may struggle when it comes to winning new clients OR influencing key stakeholders or teams consistently and would welcome some real-time support - then this program is for you.

The 5-month Influencer's Circle Membership consists of:

  1. Monthly Peer-to-Peer Networking Breakfasts
  2. Monthly Group Referral Strategy Sessions
  3. Monthly Influencing Skills Workshops and Education
  4. 1 x monthly Professional Coaching Session*
  5. Access to unique online digital audio and video resources and PDF workbooks.
  6. A personal copy of; "The High Trust Advisor: How Experts and Professionals Win Clients."
  7. A Personal Psychometric Report on your preferred communication style.
  8. Membership of a closed online group to connect with other members.
  9. A Half-Day Review of Your Business Messaging and Presentation Decks to make them fit for purpose**
  10. Telephone and email support. 

As this is a monthly rolling program you can join the program at any time provided there is a space in a circle.

Once you have completed your 5 modules you are eligible to join the Top Circle as an alumni member to continue your development with monthly Master Mind Breakfasts and quarterly Master Classes, webinars and podcasts with global experts in speaking and presentation, networking, referral strategy and much more.


8.00am - 8.45am           Fully Catered Business Breakfast 

8.45am-9.45am             Referral Strategy Session and Exercises

9.45am -10.00am          Stretch Break

10am-12.30pm               Workshop Session and Close.


*Coaching sessions are arranged on an individual basis where requested monthly.

**Presentation skills work groups are agreed during the program.


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