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High-performance coaching for professionals who want  to massively accelerate business development and leadership or strategic business goals

This is how we work to ensure your success...

Personal Coaching System

You will coached using Sean's world-class personal coaching system.  This proven system has been effecting change for business leaders in Ireland's largest companies for over two decades.

Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions

Each month you will have two - one hour - one on one- coaching sessions with Sean, working towards your goals with a high level of personal attention and ensuring accountability and execution.

Exclusive Group Membership

You also have exclusive access to a private, members-only online group where you can continue to network and build relationships with relevant business contacts.

Quarterly Seminar Series

Each quarter you will have VIP access to the Quarterly Seminar Series hosted by Sean and featuring expert speakers in the areas of business development, business strategy and leadership.

Online Training Resources

Upon registration you will receive instant access to all of Sean's premium online training resources, including; The High Trust Networker, The High Trust Advisor and The High Trust Presenter.

Continuous Support

Throughout your coaching engagement you will have unlimited access to email and telephone support, ensuring that there is no obstacle to executing on your goals and driving your business forward

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"In working with Sean one gets a sense of accomplishment and clarity that in my opinion puts him at the very top of an area which is often misrepresented. Sean’s approach is explicit, action driven, and most of tailored to the challenges of the leader or organisation. His methodology is the most succinct and complete I’ve seen and I credit him with being the catalyst of positive change for me in the time I have worked with him"

Paul Prior
Director, Strategist & Innovator, Vision Consulting

Complimentary Coaching

All individual coaching programs start with an initial complimentary session where we explore a definition of our unique definition of coaching, our code of ethics and confidentiality, our unique models of coaching and finally carry out an exercise which helps clients identify the key coaching objectives that will accelerate their performance to new levels.

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