For Experts Who Want to Be Highly Trusted, Influential and Inclusive Leaders and Managers OR Client Advisors and Business Developers. 


Influence and trust are the currency of business today.

As an expert who wants to be an influencer it's now less about the depth of your technical expertise and more about the skills of how to build trust and advise and influence colleagues and clients into co-creating long-term solutions to their needs.

The Expert2Influencer coaching program provides two coaching options.

Option 1. The High Trust Leader Coaching Program or Option 2. The High Trust Advisor Coaching Program.

Your chosen coaching program will cover some or all of the following:

  • Leadership/Management Communications.
  • Professional Focus and Confidence.
  • Networking for Client and Stakeholder Access.
  • Public Speaking, Pitch Presentation and Delivery.
  • Getting the Best Out of Your Business or Team.
  • Creating and Managing Your Personal Brand.
  • Returning to Work.
  • Successful Client Engagement and Business Development.
  • Managing and Coping with Change.

The future of business efficiency may lie in AI (artificial intelligence) but the future of business success lies with those experts who have the skills to influence, advise and inspire others to greatness.

Your Expert Community

Join an exclusive, professionally led coaching program and a networking community for experts where you can connect, involve and engage with other success-focused expert leaders, managers and client advisors/business developers over a monthly luncheon.

Access New Contacts

Get access to quality, professional contacts to grow your leadership or business network. The coaching programs encourage connection, involvement and engagement across all our clients opening a wider world of business opportunity and influence for you.

Quality Professional Education

Get world-class professional education in leadership and business development. Get access to monthly facilitated networking breakfasts/luncheons and live workshops as well as access to our unique online learning resources that you can access remotely on your personal technology platforms.

Personal Attention and Accountability

The Expert2Influencer programs are not just about transferring skills - but about applying them in real time.  Coaching brings real accountability that ensures clients actively use their new skills to grow their business success.

Build Professional Confidence

Confidence and self-esteem are powerful pillars for effective leadership, working with clients and managing change in the workplace. Both are instilled in our members through our focus first on developing competence and then on confidence. Success breeds success – and every successful engagement creates a greater sense of confidence, expectation and empowerment.


The High Trust Advisor Program

This business development program is for experts who want to develop their client advisory or business development skills, helping them to build a corporate brand and a stream of regular clients.

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The High Trust Leader Program

This individual program is for leaders who want a more private and tailored approach to coaching.  This program focuses on delivering on specific professional, brand and performance objectives.

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Your Guide to the Program

Just enter your name an email address in the fields below and we will send you a detailed guide on the benefits and value of the Expert2Influencer Program.


The Expert2Influencer coaching programs are your door to a wider world of opportunity and success.

The programs serve experts who want to be more effective influencers - and therefore more successful leaders and managers OR client advisors and business developers.

The High Trust Advisor business development coaching program is both a practical program and a community of experts who commit to on-going development of their business development or client advisor skills in a safe and facilitated environment – each one on their own professional journey – and each one of them a point of contact with a wider world of opportunity.

These skills include how to network comfortably to access high-value clients, how to build trust quickly with people, how to create compelling business cases, influence and control meeting outcomes and how to present pitches successfully with confidence and fluency.

But the HTA program is not just a world-class education in the right skills – but also a close community of peers who actively support each other.

The High Trust Leader coaching program is both private and tailored to the specific needs of the client. This can cover areas a diverse as being an inclusive and influential leader or manager, managing change, public speaking and presentation skills, building a personal brand, professional confidence and focus and much more. 

The High Trust Leader program is especially focused on encouraging and supporting expert women leaders, managers and professionals  – helping them on their journey to professional success. We believe that more women in leadership can bring a new perspective and dynamic to solving today's business challenges.

But why would one want to be an influencer? Because trust and influence are the currency of business today.

As an expert who is a leader, manager OR a client advisor and business developer it's less about your expertise and more about the skills of how you build trust to advise and influence clients and colleagues into co-creating long-term solutions to their needs.

As a leader or manager it's less about your authority anymore - but about the size and diversity of your network - and your ability to build trust, engage, include and influence your key stakeholders, team members and clients.

What You Get:

  1. A community of peers who can open new business opportunities for you.*
  2. The ability to create and deliver excellent presentations every time.
  3. The ability and confidence to network easily to get access to key decision makers that can help with your service, product or career.
  4. The ability to recognise and work with many different personalities - removing any potential for conflict and creating harmonious teams and 'high-trust' relationships.
  5. The ability to manage and control all kinds of meetings confidently and be able to consistently influence your desired outcomes.
  6. The Clarity, Control and Confidence to manage continuous change.

Membership provides:

  1. An exclusive and supportive circle of like-minded experts and professionals.
  2. Professional support and accountability to reach your leadership or business development goals.
  3. Peer-to-peer mentoring.*
  4. World-class coaching and education in leadership, business development and client advisory skills.
  5. Personal psychometric testing.

Coaching is available to experts of all kinds from a range of industries and professions thus creating a unique synergy among our clients.

If you ever wanted to take your business or career to the next level - then this is the place.

(* HTA Program only)


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